A Neon Sign For Every Room? We Say Yes Please!

A Neon Sign For Every Room? We Say Yes Please!

Neon signs are mostly used by businesses. Even though they can be very functional for business signage, they can be used for so much more. These creative signs can even be functional in residential homes and can be used in every single room. 

Yes, that is right, neon lights can be practical in every room. Let’s take a look at how to use them in different spaces. 

Kitchen Spaces with an Energetic Vibe

These signs can be very functional in the kitchen. The soothing light can provide lots of ambience and will allow you to see clearly when you head over to the kitchen for a sip of water - or a midnight snack. 

Aside from the practicality, the sign will also do wonders for the overall appearance of your kitchen. The bright colours combined with a creative font is perfect for enhancing the appeal of a dull or plain-looking kitchen space. You can also get pretty creative with your beautiful kitchen neon sign by ordering it with charming kitchen-inspired images like a neon whisk, fork, spoon, or any icon you like. 

Neon signage is an especially useful option for those who prefer to name these loved home spaces. Creative names like ‘Gourmet Galore’, ‘Flavour Fusion’, or ‘Foodie Haven’ can give this space a fun vibe or you can proceed with something more personal like ‘Mama’s or Papa’s Kitchen’. 

With a stunning sign above the wash area, cook area, or next to a kitchen dining table, this space will give some restaurant vibes and is sure to look quite inviting. 

Bedrooms With a Soothing Ambiance 

Light plays a huge role in the feel of bedroom spaces and neon signs are the best for creating a more soothing bedroom feel. Bedroom neon signs are very trendy at the moment. These are especially charming options for kids' bedrooms since they double as night lights so little ones won’t feel afraid. 

Bedrooms can be personalized with a custom-named neon sign above each child’s bed or, for a more generic feel, you can get a stylish image like a heart, butterfly, sporty soccer ball, or flashy lightning bolt icon. The sky's the limit and bedrooms are sure to look a lot more impressive with a sweet light burning bright on the wall. 

Zesty Bathroom Areas

Think neon signs don’t belong in the bathroom? Think again! These signs are perfect for perking up bathrooms that look a little bit dull - yes, we are talking about those all-white spaces with their clinical feel. Neon signage for bathrooms can also be a very functional investment for families since little ones can easily navigate to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Cute neon light images like a dolphin, squid, octopus, or jellyfish can give the room a very impressive look while something more floral or leaf-like will create a more tropical effect. In any case, your bathroom is bound to look a lot more fun with these types of wall decorations and soak sessions in the tub are going to be even more blissful. 

Dynamic Office Areas

Neon signage is perfect for decorating office spaces whether it is at home or at a company. For your office, you can be practical with a simple “The Office” sign or you can get creative with an inspirational slogan like ‘Work now, Play later’ or ‘Focus’. This type of wall decor will make your office space quite interesting and will provide a modern feel. 

Modern Vibe Living Rooms

Most modern living rooms are jam-packed with electronic devices like TV sets, sound systems and gaming devices. Since this space is already tech-driven, why not go all out with a creative neon sign? The vibrant colours will give your living room an electrifying feel and can make it a little bit easier to dim the lights during movie nights. 

Order a Neon Sign For Any Space

Neon Party is the best company to order if you are looking for a quality neon sign for every room. Our company produces custom made signs and can create something suitable for every room, vibe, or theme. Give us a call to find out more about our impressive signs or to order yours.