5 World-Famous Neon Signs

Neon signs really do stand out, whether in your home, business, or out in public spaces. Some of the world’s most famous signs happen to be (or at least were, at some point in time) neon signs. Below are some of the most famous neon signs in the world.

Change to- Historically, some of the word’s most famous signs were neon sign. Below are few of the most famous neon signs throughout the world. 

01. Vegas Vic: Las Vegas, United States

Howdy partner! One of the world’s most famous neon signs and surely the world’s most iconic cowboy-themed neon sign is Vegas Vic. Having said that, there are many other cowboy-themed neon signs in Vegas, all of which were inspired by this specific one.

Originally installed for The Pioneer Club casino in ‘Old Vegas’ (officially the Fremont Street Experience) in 1951, this blue jeans-wearing, cigarette-puffing, friendly good ol’ country boy welcomes visitors to this day to gamble their hard-earned dollars away.

Source: Wikipedia

02. Coca-Cola Sign: New York City, United States

One of the world’s most famous advertisements, neon or not, is the Coca-Cola sign found at 49th Street & Broadway in central Manhattan. First installed in 1920, the sign was upgraded to neon lights in 1923.

The sign has undergone multiple changes over the decades to reflect new slogans, branding, and incorporating superior technologies, but the classic Coca-Cola sign has mostly used neon lights from 1923-2003. Today’s iteration of the Coca-Cola sign is a ‘smart’ LED sign with programmable adverts based on mood, season, time of day, and other factors.

03. Schweppes Sign: Gran Vía, Madrid, Spain

Any visit to Spain’s capital of Madrid warrants a stroll down the Gran Vía in the city centre. The Art Deco architectural style reigns supreme, with many famous examples lining the broad avenue. Sitting atop the Art Deco Edificio Carrión Building is the iconic Schweppes neon sign which has become somewhat of an icon for tourists and locals alike.

This large, old-fashioned neon sign has become so famous, in fact, that people pay fairly substantial sums of money to sleep in the hotel rooms located directly behind the sign. Yes, the sign was installed directly in front of windows and no, it probably isn’t very comfortable to sleep whilst the sign is turned on!

04. Skipping Girl Vinegar: Melbourne, Australia

Located right here in Abbotsford, Little Audrey once skipped her rope joyfully on Victoria Street for the Skipping Girl Vinegar company. The factory had installed Audrey all the way back in 1936, perhaps making this animated neon sign the first of its kind in Australia.

So beloved was Little Audrey that when the factory had closed down in 1968 and torn down the neon sign, public outcry for the famous sign led to a replica being installed just two years later in 1970.

Source: Wikipedia

05. Coppertone Girl: Miami, United States

American sunscreen protection company Coppertone had seen roaring success in the 1950s with its clever marketing campaign. A little girl with her britches being pulled down by a cute little puppy was the marketing feature adorning buildings all across the United States, but the massive 10x8m neon sign installed in Miami in 1968 is the only one remaining to this day (and it is in need of serious repair).

This neon sign was historically animated, showing the dog pulling down the britches of the Coppertone girl.

Source: Wikipedia

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