5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Wedding

5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Wedding

Do you love décor that looks a bit different than your average wedding décor? Then you will love the effects that neon lighting will offer. These bright lights, and especially word signs, reminds a lot of 80s décor. Neon-light décor always offers a playful and vibrant look and feel at your wedding. 

These lights are not just handy with illumination and décor purposes. They are also ideal for guiding your guests towards the bar, wedding reception, coffee bar, snack table, or photo booth. You can also use these wonderful lights to tell stories or to show your guests important details about your life.

One of the best parts in modern neon lights is that you can now get these signs custom-made in any phrase or word you need. Here are a few of the best ways to use neon lights to make a statement of your wedding.

 01. Create a Romantic Dance Floor

The dance floor is one of the most enjoyed areas of the wedding. This is where the bride and groom will share their first dance, it is where the father-daughter dance is held and where all little ones will start to build their own wedding dreams. Neon lights can help you set a romantic mood on your dance floor. 

Get your favourite romantic quote custom-made into a neon light and place it at the entryway of the dance floor or in an area where everyone can easily spot it. Phrases like “Always and Forever”, “Love Never Fails”, “All You Need Is Love” and “Happy Ever After” are all perfect for creating a romantic vibe on the dance floor.

 02. Create a Statement Photo Booth

Photo booths have become very popular at wedding receptions. These brilliant innovations are ideal for capturing fun photographs of all of your guests. A great way to make your photo booth stand out is by hanging a clever neon sign smack in the middle of your booth.

Signs that say “Better Together” is ideal for creating a fun booth. Alternatively, you can get the word “Photo Booth” in bright neon colours so all your guests will know exactly where to line up to get their photo taken.

 03. Use Signs to Guide Your Guests

Cheers neon sign on bar at wedding


Cheers neon light at Wedding bar  | custom neon sign (white)

A great way to keep your wedding organised without any effort in your side is by creating lots of neon light guides. Signs that show guests where the bathroom, bar, snack table, photo booth, and other important areas are, are perfect for larger weddings.

 04. Make the Bride and Groom Table Stand Out

The bride and the groom dinner table is always a lovely sight to behold. This table will look even better if you hang a bright neon sign on the front of the table or behind the newlywed couple.

Your initials in a big heart, a neon heart shape, or the words Mr and Mrs are all perfect ways to decorate the wedding couples table or to show everyone that you are a fun-loving couple that loves unique concepts.

05. A Big Neon Sign to Welcome Guests

If your wedding reception has a focal wall that guests reach before they turn off to your wedding then you should consider decorating this focal point. A brilliant "Cheers to Love" welcome sign or a big heart with your initials inside is perfect for welcoming your guests to your wedding. This early welcome is always great to put your guests in the mood for a fun evening filled with laughter and joy.

Do you love these concepts? Get your signs ready for your big day by ordering your custom signs from Neon Party right now.