5 Neon Signs to Make Your Cafe Stand Out

5 Neon Signs to Make Your Cafe Stand Out

The humble coffee bean has long been, quite literally and historically, the start of many revolutionary ideas. No matter whether you’re more a fan of Arabica or Robusta, flat whites or traditional cappuccinos, there’s no denying the importance of both coffee and the establishments that serve these fine beverages.

Coffee shops and cafes are popular worldwide, especially in Melbourne where some of the world’s finest establishments can be found. With so much stiff competition in the cafe world, how can your humble little bean joint stand out from the pack? Aside from offering great blends (which you absolutely should), enticing passersby into becoming loyal caffeinated customers is going to need some flashy signs to bring them in. Below are five neon signs that can help make your cafe stand out:

01. But First, Coffee Neon Sign

That first cuppa of the day is, for many of us, essential before cracking on with work Our But First, Coffee Neon Sign is a simple and straightforward message that reminds patrons that all business talk can - and should - wait until they’ve had that first fresh cup of the day.

This sign is available in a dozen colours and four sizes, but whichever size and colour you choose it’s sure to make an impression within your cafe.

02. Treat Yourself Neon Sign

Cafes serving a wide variety of beverages and tasty treats can benefit from our Treat Yourself Neon Sign. This simple sign is great for all sorts of retail shops and businesses in the hospitality industry, since it acts as a reminder that customers should treat themselves to something nice, even if that just happens to be a nice cup of coffee and a pastry.

This sign is also available in a dozen colours as well as four sizes, so pick a colour that complements your brand and place it near your product or behind the counter for best effect.

03. Good Vibes & Coffee Neon Sign

Our Good Vibes & Coffee Neon Sign is a lot more popular than our “bad vibes and no coffee sign” (just kidding, we don’t have such a sign!). In any case, whether your cafe has smooth jazz playing in the background or something more trendy (or less trendy but no less cool), welcome your patrons with good vibes and coffee with this LED neon sign.

This sign is available in over a dozen colours and four sizes.

04. Find Your Seat Neon Sign

A somewhat fancier sign that works well in restaurants and cafes alike is our Find Your Seat Neon Sign. Encourage your customers to pull up a chair, sit down with a nice cup of coffee, and engage in lively banter with friends or family with this cool neon sign.

This sign can be customised in over a dozen colours and ranges in four sizes to choose from.

05. Open Neon Sign

Last but certainly not least, every cafe (and most retail shops, for that matter) stands to benefit from a bright Open Neon Sign. These signs are fairly standard and won’t necessarily help your business stand out, but instead they simply let customers know that you’re open for business and that alone is quite important information.

Choose from a dozen colours for the OPEN text, a dozen colours for the border, and six different sizes.

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