5 Neon Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Family

One of the hallmark signs of the holiday season is brightly lit homes full of vibrance and life. From lighting up your home’s exterior with icicles and other white lights to simulate Santa Claus’ humble abode in the North Pole to warmly lit home interiors, that extra light can make your home feel cosy and welcoming as the days get shorter.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve put together five great Christmas neon sign gift ideas for you and your family this year. 

01. Merry Christmas Neon Sign

Starting off with a plain and simple message of “Merry Christmas,” our Merry Christmas Neon Sign speaks for itself. This straightforward neon sign works best with other decorative elements from tinsel to bows and wreaths, completing the aesthetic for the holiday season. Place it above the mantel as a centrepiece in your living room or hang it near the entrance to your home when welcoming guests for a home party.

This sign is available and you can custom size can be customised in over a dozen different colours.it’s cool and amazing special gifts for your family or friends.

02. 3D Neon Christmas Tree

Our 3D Neon Christmas Tree is a vibrant, eye-catching Christmas tree that will never shed needles or need to be tossed out with other organic waste after the New Year. This specific sign is a fantastic standout (quite literally) as it doesn’t need to be affixed to a wall and can instead be left freestanding in your living room. It might be a little challenging to leave gifts under this tree, but just leave them by the sides and wait until the morning to exchange gifts with family.

3D christmas tree neon sign also can be design custom size and colour, The minimum size is 49x60cm. This sign can be customised as one solid colour or with four different colours as shown.it’s a great addition to christmas day,it’s applies to both individuals and businesses.

03. Personalised Santa Neon Sign

Father Christmas may live in the far north, but you can have a cute little reminder that Santa Claus is coming to town down under this year with our Personalised Santa Neon Sign. This sign features a silhouette of Santa Claus himself with the words “Merry Christmas” and stars decorating the face area, all contained in a neat series of concentric rings.

The minimum size of this sign is 80x89cm, you can customised size fit your needs.and can be customised with different colours for each of the sign’s elements.

04. Cute Christmas Gift Box Neon Sign

Is it better to give than it is to receive? Everyone can receive the gift of joy this holiday season with our Cute Christmas Gift Box Neon Sign, a simple little gift box with a decorative bow on top. Leave this sign near the Christmas tree and take guesses as to what your family members may be gifting each other this year.

Available in four sizes ranging from a fairly small 23x27cm up to a large 45x52.5cm.

05. Merry Christmas Light Decoration LED Neon Sign


Ding dong, ding dong - with our Merry Christmas Light Decoration LED Neon Sign, you can’t go wrong! This festive sign features the outline of two bells, neatly wrapped at the top with a bow, and inscribed with a funky “Merry Christmas” font. Add colour and vibrance to your front entrance or place this sign elsewhere in your home to complement your other Christmas decorations.

The minimum size of this sign is 60x52cm.your can custom other size fit your need,the same about the colour,there has 12 colour you can choose.

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