5 Fun Neon Signs for Kids

One of the wonderful things about neon signs is that their bright and vibrant designs catch our eyes,  just like they catch the eyes of children. Give your children some fun and exciting neon signs to decorate their rooms. Whether it’s for snapping birthday photos or for mood lighting with their name on the bedroom wall, Neon Party has a wide assortment of cool signs for kids. Check out these top five picks:

01. It’s a Boy

What’s your little boy dreaming of at night? Is he dreaming of becoming a cowboy? An astronaut? His favourite superhero? Give your son’s room a beautiful touch with our It’s a Boy neon sign featuring a clean and cool font simply showing “It’s a Boy.” This little sign will blend in perfectly well with any decorations in his room and is ideal for toddlers to young boys that want cosy, restful sleep in a cool and fun bedroom.

02. Daddy’s Princess

Want to give your daughter a beautiful decoration for her bedroom that shows her what she means to you? Can’t go wrong with our Daddy’s Princess sign. This simple sign features an elegant cursive font simply saying “Daddy’s Princess,” without any frills or any details. 

Keeping it simple and clean is a sure way to complement the design of your daughter’s bedroom, whilst also making for perfect photo opportunities of mum and/or dad and daughter sharing moments of love and joy.

03. Creative Decoration of Kid’s Room

Your little one is the light of your life, so rightfully you should bring light into their bedroom and their life with a personalised Creative Decoration of Kid’s Room sign featuring their name in a stylish cursive font followed by a heart,  to remind them that they’re your pride and joy.

This particular sign can be custom designed with your own text, so naturally you’ll be able to get a custom sign with your child’s name on it! It doesn’t have to feature your child’s name, either. If your heart so desires, you can customise this sign with any text you like.


04. Astronaut Personalised Neon Light

Take your child’s imagination to infinity and beyond with our Astronaut Personalised Neon Light. Boys and girls aspiring to wander the stars can let their imagination soar to orbital heights with this cool and fun neon sign that’s suitable for children of all ages, 0-99 years old as that famous toy brick company might advertise.

There are actually two cool sign designs to choose from, with the first being a colourful, action-packed pose of an astronaut shooting his space laser and the second being a typical silhouette of a Buzz Aldrin astronaut (or Buzz Lightyear, take your pick).

05. Our First Birthday

There are so many things to love about your child’s first birthday. It’s their first foray into the tradition of celebrating another spin around the sun, you only need to buy one candle for the cake, and you can hope to get a good night’s sleep after they’ve partied their energy away.

Why not celebrate that first special moment with an Our First Birthday neon sign? Mum and dad can snap those beautiful photos of baby’s first happy birthday to the backdrop of a clever neon sign that helps to commemorate the event. Choose from over a dozen colours and mix and match with the baby's favourite colours (for their first birthday, it’ll probably be mum and dad that choose anyway!).

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