5 Cool Neon Signs for Tattoo Parlours

5 Cool Neon Signs for Tattoo Parlours

Tattoos can be inspiring artistic expressions that in and of themselves tell a story, or perhaps simply represent a memorable moment or person that has come across our lives in a meaningful way. Your choice of tattoo artist can have a significant impact on how well the finished product turns out, and a large part of that rightfully comes down to the tattoo artist and their skills and experience.

From the point of view of a tattoo artist, however, you’ll also want to make sure that your tattoo parlour sets the mood and inspires prospective customers to choose you over a competitor. Aside from real testimonials and photos of your past work, one of the best ways to set the mood in your parlour is with one of these cool tattoo-themed neon signs:

01. Cool Skull Neon Sign

While tourism to Mexico City for the Day of the Dead has risen sharply in recent years - much in part thanks to it being featured in the James Bond film Spectre - its iconic artistic skull art has evoked inspiration worldwide for far longer. Our Cool Skull Cool Neon Sign is very much inspired by the Day of the Dead and features a large, detailed neon skull with floral patterns throughout.

This cool skull neon sign is available in over a dozen colours and looks great in bars, nightclubs, and of course, tattoo parlours so long as skull designs remain iconic for tattoos.

02. Skull Neon Sign

Following on the theme of skull art, our Skull Neon Sign is a more traditional skull sign without the embellishment of the previous sign. This skull sign is a lot more bare bones (pun intended) and simply features a cool skull that can leave a lot to the imagination and inspiration of your tattoo customers.

This sign is likewise available in over a dozen colours and up to four sizes.

03. Lucky Cat Neon Art

ON and OFF

Greet your customers with a happy and cute little Lucky Cat Neon Art sign. This little kitty cat, with its left paw raised, has a happy demeanour and can certainly bring fortune into your establishment while also adding artistic flair and aesthetics to a tattoo parlour.

This sign is highly personalisable with over a dozen colours for the outline, nose, eyes, cheeks, necklace, and tail, all of which can be customised to your heart’s desire. This sign is also available in six sizes.

04. Eye Neon Light

Whether you can “see” the symbolism in this Eye Neon Light sign as inspiration from your third eye or you’re interested in conspiracies of the all-seeing eye, this sign definitely adds a lot to the imagination and fits well in a tattoo parlour.

This sign can be customised in over a dozen colours and is available in five sizes.

05. Chinese Word Neon Lights

The cool aesthetic of our Chinese Word Neon Lights can add character to tattoo parlours as well as mystique. This sign simply means “happy” in case you were wondering, and you’ll surely be happy with this sign in your establishment.

With nearly 20 colours to choose from and five sizes, this sign can be highly customised for your tattoo parlour.

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